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OMG Priyanka Chopra on The Ellen DeGeneres Show was down with Tequila

Jeetu Likhar




Priyanka Chopra is a global icon in making. Thanks to her international ventures like Quantico and her debut Hollywood movie called Baywatch. She was reported to be at the popular The Ellen DeGeneres Show wherein she was seen having Tequila, which was offered by the show host like an ice breaker.

Soon she had the Tequila to get down with one that helped her to go smooth over the TV show. Though she prefers to have the elegant red wine but she was okay with the one offered to her making her interview very much interesting. She revealed in the show that she had the same since she had been wonky all the day and has not eaten anything.

In the TV show, she has got a robust role playing the part of an FBI agent while her role in Baywatch is also delighting. When she was offered the role she barely knew anything about the CIA or FBI, hence she started watching the cop and intelligence based programs too often.

In the show, she shared a number of things about her career and her life in Bollywood. She also discussed how the role of FBI agent has helped her to gain a good momentum in her career span and thus made her think on the top of the world for being the part of the most prestigious and popular shows like Quantico. She says she feels the power of FBI while playing the character of FBI agent.

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