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OMG: Partition 1947 banned from release in Pakistan

Partition 1947 Movie
Partition 1947 Movie

The Filmmaker Gurinder Chadhas who made the film “Partition: 1947” has a bad news since his Hindi version of period drama called “Viceroy’s House” is being banned from releasing in the country Pakistan. The board has given the justification that the film happens to be the over “misrepresentation” of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. However, the director calls this event as an unfortunate one. He said he is really surprised why his movie has been banned in this country. He said it will always remain the land of my ancestors. He said this on the microblogging site called Twitter on August 20.

 The film “Partition: 1947” was released all across the world with the title as “Viceroy’s House” and it is in English. The film is directed by the British film director of Sikh origin, whose mother grew up in Rawalpindi and went back to trace her roots and documentary events, which have led to Partition if the country. The movie  narrates the saga of the trauma, which people have gone through due to the division, and the way it has  changed their lives. The film also features Hugh Bonneville, Gillian Anderson, Huma Qureshi and Manish Dayal playing different roles, while the film was released in India on August 18.
As per The Express Tribune, the Sindh Film Censor Board calls the movie to be unsuitable calling it to be a political narrative, which is seen contradicting the national interest of the country. The board claimed that the historical movie has given a negative image of Pakistan, which is the main reason of banning it in Pakistan. They said that it has given the misrepresentation of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. They further said that the character was not played in a right spirit and reality. Though the film has mostly dealt with the character of Lord Mountbatten and his wife, while there is hardly anything about Jinnah at all.

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