Monday, December 6, 2021
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OMG: Kangana Not to Work with any Khan. Here’s why

Kangana Ranaut is the highly paid actress

With too many controversies surrounding Kangana Ranaut, we know hear the Queen actress saying she is certain she will never work with superstar Shah Rukh Khan, or for that matter, any of the Khans. In an interview, she says she doesn’t want to get overshadowed by them and wants to build her own brand. Here’s yet another reason why Kangana Ranaut is among the most interesting people in Bollywood. And, we mean interesting, not controversial. The latter is incidental.

In a recent interview with film critic Rajeev Masand, she has revealed that she is almost certain she will never work with Shah Rukh Khan. Surprised? Who would not want to work with the Badshah of Bollywood? The kind of visibility others get by just sharing space with a star as huge as SRK should be reason enough but clearly, Kangana isn’t impressed. And she has a sound logic. She was asked if not working with the Khans of Bollywood would harm the chances of having a long and glorious career in films.

Elaborating on her no-Khans policy, the three-time National Award winner said, “In fact, there is no longevity with working with Khans. It’s the other way around. Where would it take me? Can it take me a notch higher than where I already am? It cannot! What can it give me that I have already not achieved? I can’t see a single thing…if you can tell me.” She goes on to explain how in a Khan film, they dominate every frame and she would want to build her own brand.

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