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OMG! Kamya Panjabi forgot her 1 lac rupees at a pani puri stall

Recently, television actress Kamya Panjabi revealed a hilarious moment where she lost almost a lac rupees at a pani puri stall.

Kamya Panjabi, told the entertainment portal, “I was in Indore on Sunday for an event. On my way back, my friend producer Santosh Gupta told me that there was a place at the Chappan Dukan, where a guy sells amazing pani puri. Indore being famous for its chaat, I couldn’t control my urge and decided to try it out. I had an envelope with me which had 1 lakh cash in it. So, I kept it aside on a table in his shop while I was eating. I got so engrossed eating it and taking pictures of the place that I left the envelope there.”

“My friend rushed to the place. I was stressed and kept hoping that I would get it back. I kept thinking to myself that if I get it back then I have to really thank my stars, because it was such a busy place. When he reached there, he found my packet at the spot where we had left it. He spoke to the pani puri stall owner Dinesh Gujjer and got it back. I was thrilled, I didn’t know to react because I was almost sure that we wouldn’t find it there. Something like this happening is so amazing and surprising. I think the people of Indore are really nice and kind,” she concluded.

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