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OMG Jaya Bachchan Loses her Temper again, this time blasts a priest

Jaya Bachchan is known for her discipline nature which people also call her rude. She is also called by others as arrogant. We have seen her scolding the press and asking them to be in order. This time it is the priest who had to face her anger. As per reports, Jaya had attended a baby shower program wherein she saw a priest taking pictures with Esha Deol who was taking pictures at the baby shower event. When the lady Bachchan saw her taking these pictures, she lost her temper and was seen screwing the man for this offense.
As per reports, Mrs. Jaya Bachchan unlike a strict authoritarian lady was ensuring a fact that that some rules should be followed, during the function. Esha who got married just recently was seen embarking with the baby shower function and was the victim of Jaya’s anger when she started blasting a priest, who instead of carrying out the the rituals, was seen busy clicking selfies. The moment the lady witnessed she thundered asking him to carry out the work rather than wasting time clicking pictures. This made everyone laugh a loud.
Well, soon this kept the guests in splits. Well, this is not the first time we have seen her losing her temper. Earlier, too, the actress was seen losing the temper by a group of youngsters who were seen clicking her pictures at a college fest. She was seen saying,
“Please stop taking pictures, I hate it just because it’s right in my eyes”. She then went on to teach them calling that they do not know the basic manners which the Indians should learn. Similarly, she was seen taking a photographer to task when he was taking her pictures. Later, we also saw her thrashing a journalist for asking some personal questions. This has made her image like an old angry woman who is ready to lose her temper at any point of time.

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