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OMG! It’s Bobby Darling Getting Engaged with Bhopal Business Man Ramnika Sharma

Before I light up the news stuff, can I ask you a simple question? Did you remember the hidden actress Bobby Darling? An actress who was last seen 9years ago in small screen reality show but hold on guys n gals, there’s something which can actually make you still for a while. She’s indeed getting married to one of the renowned business in Bhopal named Ramnika Sharma. However, if we talk about her activities then she was last seen in Big screens movies of Bollywood namely Dorling.

As per the sources, its indeed truth that she’s getting married to a business man that to in the looming November 2015 but this will be surely a secret one wherein only special guest will be permitted to attend the wedding. However the grand reception will be held in Mumbai and Bhopal as well. Based on our true sources, the news has already been spread globally i.e. in British newspaper ‘Deccan Chronicle’ as well, wherein it is stated that “Yes, I’m going to marry Ramnika Sharma. It will be a grand wedding. But I do not want to talk much about it.’‘ – Bobby added. So get ready for a blast of weeding pics which will be soon initiated in the couple of days.

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