Monday, December 6, 2021
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OMG: Hansal Mehta Simran Director deletes his Twitter account

Hansal Mehta
When Twitter has become the favorite platform for the B Town celebs to express their views on various issues and their movies, we hear today that the popular filmmaker Hansal Mehta (the Simran director) has deleted his account on the microblogging site. Yes you heard it right, as we see the director deleting his Twitter account. The man has got a low response for his recently released movie at the box office. Though people liked the performance of the actress in teh film, but the screenplay as per the audience seemed a bit defective. The major chunk of the audience seemed unhappy with the second half of the movie.

Despite all the hype of the movie and performance of the actress Kangana Ranaut starrer movie Simran with its promos going high on the YouTube and other platforms, the makers were expecting a decent response with it. However, Hansal Mehta seemed dejected to see the film collecting a low money over the box office. Also, we get to see the personal life of Kangi being discussed and making headlines in the media too often. A number of sources claimed that the makers feel that it were the controversies surrounding the actress that has come on the way against the movie.

In the social media particularly over the microblogging site Twitter, the film and its fate was badly discussed accusing the director and others who were behind making the movie. Seeing the trolls about the movie, the filmmaker Hansal Mehta felt deleting his Twitter account would be fair. He in his recent interview said that rejection really scares this man and that he has remained like this always. He had to delete his account for not facing the negative comments and reactions from the people or any other reason. So, what do you say about it, do let us know!

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