Monday, December 6, 2021
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OMG: Ganesh Acharya loses 85 kilos


Ganesh Acharya who is a popular choreographer was often in news for his heavy and morbid shape. He has remained active and favorite of many since nineties the fact of the matter also remained the matter of joke for his heavy weight, however, as per the latest buzz, the choreographer has lost his weight and you won’t believe he lost a total of 85 kgs and then shared his picture over the social media sites, which is becoming viral over the web.

But finally after being slammed a number of times for his overweight, he made his ways out to make things better for his life by losing his weight to such an extent. When the choreographer and actor was asked about his journey of losing weight, he said, he wanted to change his image as people around him and across the country has seen him overweight and now by losing such a huge weight he is back to his cool life.

He was also seen in the film Hey Bro released in the year 2015 wherein he had to lose the weight of around 30 to 40 kgs but then he touched to 200 kgs, which made him plan to seriously lose his weight.  Now, when he has lost his weight to become around 100 kgs he has to be appreciated for his incredible journey of losing weight. So, what you all have to say about his journey of weight loss would be interesting to hear. Meanwhile if you are still to catch his photograph, why not look at it as under:


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