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OMG! Did Salman Khan abuse, beat and gave death threats to his ex-girlfriend Somi Ali Khan?

Bollywood’s Pandey ji, aka Salman Khan, is frequently in the news for some or other scandals, and this worries his fans a lot. The superstar has a huge female fan base owing to his young and well-maintained looks, even in his 60s. The actor is being questioned about his personal and romantic life. Somi Ali, Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend, has recently filed serious allegations against him. Her social media post has gone insanely viral creating a huge buzz on the internet.

Somi’s post began with the girl informing people about her non-profit organisation, No More Tears. In the post, she later went on to say that she founded this NGO to support victims of human trafficking and domestic abuse. For 15 years, she devoted her blood and sweat to saving the victims. It was also broadcast as a docuseries. Somi then disclosed that she founded No More Tears after being a sexual assault victim during her childhood. She stated that she was physically abused when she was just five years old. She was then brutally molested by a housekeeper in Pakistan when she was nine years old.

Somi Ali mentioned Salman Khan in her next post

Somi further added that she was raped in the United States when she was 14 years old. When she returned to India, the person she had dated for eight years threatened her with domestic violence.Somi wrote in her next post that her core reason for travelling to India was to marry Salman Khan. “At that time, I was a 16-year-old naive girl. My mentality was entirely childlike at that time. “I was clueless that his real-life personality was totally different from what I thought.”

Somi Ali also stated that Salman Khan did everything he could to have India’s “Fight and Flight” Discovery series banned in India. His agents were in New York, and they wrote me scary emails, threatening to murder Salman if I said anything negative about him. Apart from that, Salman Khan used to harass and beat me while I was in Mumbai. My make-up artist, Ajay Shelar, had to conceal the bruises on my neck and other areas at the time. All of this was visible to the producers when I went to the studio. She concluded her note by saying that none of this is hot news. This is something Salman has done with many women.

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