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OMG! Anupamaa actress Rupali Ganguly left film industry for casting couch

Rupali Ganguly is a well-known television actress because of her outstanding performances in “Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai” and “Anupamaa.” She presently stars as the lead in the daily soap Anupamaa on Star Plus, which has made her a household name and brought her quick recognition. However, did you know that Rupali, who comes from a movie-making family, gave up on her desire to act in motion pictures due to the casting couch? You did read that correctly. The actress left the film industry because she was unable to cope with the way it operated at the time.

In an interview, Rupali admitted that the casting couch was the only factor in her decision to forego acting in motion pictures. She explained that she was unable to handle the casting couch because it was so common at the time in the entertainment industry. Casting couches were widely used at the time in the film industry, according to Rupali Ganguly. “At that time in the film industry casting couch was very prevalent. I had a film background but I had promised my father that I won’t ever lose my dignity and that’s how he allowed me to become a heroine. But then I couldn’t handle how the industry worked then, especially the casting couch thing. I decided I can’t deal with it.”

The actor also went into great detail about her family’s difficulties and her journey prior to meeting Anupamaa. Ganguly described how, in order to provide for her family, she was forced to work odd jobs like being a waitress. After her father’s movies did poorly at the box office, her family was in financial trouble. She persevered despite this though.

It’s interesting to note that Rupali Ganguly is currently recognized as the TV industry’s most renowned and successful actress. She became the most sought-after actress thanks in large part to her amazing performance in Anupamaa. Since its debut, her show has topped all TRP lists and is currently the most popular one.

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