Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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OMG: Ajay Devgan Faces Padmavat protesters hatred

Padmaavat protesters hatred
Padmaavat protesters hatred

In a shocking event, the B Town Ajay Devgn has simply fallen prey to the outrage that has been created against Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film called Padmaavat. Yes, if the reports are to be believed then the fringe group activists have not spared the actor Ajay Devgn. One may ask, how is he related to Padmavat. Well not many know that the actor has several theaters that made him to come to limelight. He has several screens in Uttar Pradesh, which was revealed by the theater manager during his interaction with the news. As soon as they came to know that the advance booking was to start at the theatres, the protesters were gathered in big number and started chanting the slogans.

They went on to smash the glass facade of the ticket counters and windows. They even  demanded to meet up the owner to make sure that the film should not be exhibited. This has  happened just two days before the movie release, which remained the part of the nationwide protests to the ban the film. Although the actor yet to issue any statement on this, however, he has has inquired about the damage and the losses that were incurred by the protestors. Needless to say that Ajay owns four single screens in the UP with the idea of converting them into multiplexes.
He has opened the same considering the fact that there were not enough screen in the UP and he has scope of building some good multiplexes. Many of the actors in B Town have come forward to condemn the attack like what Farhan Akhtar said that this is not agitation but terrorism and the people who are involved in these acts are ‘terrorists. We have also seen the protesters even attacking the buses of School going children in Gurugram (Gurgaon) and Haryana.
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