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OK Jaanu Trailer Review


Finally, the day comes when the trailer of the movie OK Jaanu hits the social media and soon turned out to be a viral stuff on the web. As you check it, the trailer showcases the perfect chemistry between the lead stars, which has been often talked both on and off screen for the two. The duo are seen re-creating many of the sequences similar to Aashiqui 2 but in terms of film content and story the two are different to each other. However, they appear to be the cute looking couples for sure on the screen. In this film, which is based on the successful venture from the south called OK Kanmani, they are back with the same exciting and hot chemistry between the two.

The trailer of the movie though was dropped in the morning but the song by AR Rahman has its clear and obvious presence. The film took off with the scene wherein Naseeruddin Shah is seen posing a question as to what they want to do with each other to which they reply they do not want to marry each other for sure. So, it is romance while they live together I other words, it showcases the live-in relationships. The question here is to whether two ambitious people who are set to take off to another country will have their separation when they have got used to each other a lot.

Well as you check the trailer you find the direction of Shaad Ali going fresh and high over the vibes of rebel romances unlike seen in Love Aaj Kal and Saathiya. As the south drama had turned a big hit, there could be certainly a comparison between the two for sure. It may be too early to predict whether Ali has competed with Mani Ratnam’s OK Manmani but he is certainly going to give some decent tracks from Mohit Suri unlike seen in Aashiqui 2.

The release date of the film is set up in January and it really a good time for the audience to feel a good time for the same. The music of the film by Rahman is certainly going to kickass and we hear he could revive the soundtrack of the film for this one for sure. The overall story of the trailer seems to be full with frothy romance and can be a worth watching film this coming New Year for sure.

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