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OH NO! Bigg Boss OTT contestant Pratik Sehajpal loses temper, pushed property used in the factory task into the pool

Bigg Boss OTT has once again brought us into the house to watch challenges and sanchalak events. After losing his temper during a task, contestant Pratik Sehajpal damaged the property utilised in the task. It all started with the Bigg Boss Factory assignment, in which wooden blocks were rolled down a conveyor belt. Contestants were given the task of gathering as many as they could for their squad. The task’s winner would be announced the house’s Boss Lady and Boss Man.

Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty were the task’s Sanchalaks. Pratik became enraged when they disapproved of the products created by his teammate. Pratik also reiterates Shamita and Raqesh’s decision in a promo. Pratik began pushing the counter provided for the manufacturing task in the pool after the task was completed. Pratik will, according to Zeeshan Khan, be given a warning for his behaviour. Pratik, on the other hand, continued to blame the sanchalaks for an unjust verdict.

Akshara Singh attempted to stop him, but her attempts appear to have been in vain. We’ve seen how Bigg Boss has penalised contestants who have harmed the house property in past seasons. Will Pratik be subjected to Bigg Boss’ fury as well? So, we’ll have to wait and wait some more.

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