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Observed Fake Views And Likes on Kick Official Trailer

A strange result of likes on the most awaited movie “Kick” official trailer which was released on YouTube that could surely make you think!! Like we observed a keen fake no. of likes are actually getting increased on YouTube. And if we go deeper into the analysis technically then as per YouTube algorithm the total no. of views should be equal to or greater than that of total no. of likes + dislikes.

Like if we try to have a glance on the initial point of release of video in YouTube then within 2-3 hrs after the release of video the total hit count of likes were around 11000+ or 11k+ with a total no. of views as 7000 or 7k. That’s was really a shocking result that how come the total no. of likes reached to that level than likes+dislikes.

Just have a peek on the below Screenshot.


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