It’s a number game , Says Jaya Bachchan

The lady who has been as graceful in her acting as his her personality states filmmaking more of a number and business rather than art.

“Filmmakers at that time, created art. Today, it’s a business and all about numbers. Everything is thrown at our face. People have forgotten subtlety. Open display of affection is considered smart…sharam naam ki toh cheez hee nahi hai (people are no longer ashamed). Now, it’s about big collections at the box office, Rs 100 crore films, first weekend collection…It’s all Greek to me,” said the 68-year-old actress, known for films like ‘Guddi’, ‘Abhimaan’ and ‘Silsila’.

She even asked how many characters in cinema represented our country. She believes that most characters of Indian films seem to be inspired by the West.

“I don’t know why. Maybe, they are richer countries and are considered more progressive. But I think the Indian mind is very progressive,” she said.

I get stressed out when I see this kind of cinema. I need to run away to some quiet place,” said the actress, who has also acted in films like ‘Drona’ and ‘Fiza’. Bimal Roy’s son Joy Roy, who was also part of the session at the film festival, said that now there is no difference between a vamp and a heroine.” She added


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