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NUMANS NFT enters its second phase of registrations, still shrouded in mystery, this project continues to gain traction among enthusiasts

Numans is the next generation in the NFT space. With ultra-realistic graphics and a futuristic design, the captivating project has been blowing up with people rushing for white list spots. The team believes Numans will bring photorealistic collectibles to the mainstream market, seizing on a well-known trend.

What makes NUMANS stand apart from other projects is the fact that, unlike most NFT communities where everyone has access to the discord, the NUMANS community is restricted and has limited slots in every phase. The first phase filled up the allocated slots almost immediately and now the second phase is active with spots closing every minute.

Some would think that is unfair that not everyone has access to the discord but it fits well with the mysterious theme of NUMANS. It is also a selective spot because the team behind the project wants only people who are actively interested in NFTS to be a part of their journey instead of cluttering their community with people who join the discord and then go AWOL.

The NUMANS team has started giving out whitelist spots to some of its active community members. Members on the discord are ranked based on how active they are and people who reach level 10 are eligible for the whitelist in the early-bird phase of NUMANS.

The team is also working on opening the server with a wide variety of features for its members with games and events where people can participate to earn a whitelist spot.

The project being in early development is still under wraps and barely a handful of people know what’s in store. So, for now, the mystery around this project continues while also attracting countless people towards it.

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