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NTR Jr Remains away from Ram Charan’s Birthday Party

Recently, Ram Charan celebrated the 27th March with a grand bash, attended by many of his close friends and family members from the film industry. However, one notable absence at the party was NTR Jr, who is known to be one of Ram Charan’s closest friends in the industry. We know the rift between the two started during the making and promotion of the film and it also extended when the movie reached the Oscars. 

The absence of NTR Jr at the party has sparked many rumors and speculations among fans and media outlets. Some reports suggest that NTR Jr was busy with prior commitments and could not make it to the party. Others speculate that there might be some underlying tension between the two actors that led to NTR Jr’s absence.

However, neither of the actors or their representatives have made any official statements regarding the matter. It is also possible that NTR Jr might have wished Ram Charan a happy birthday privately and not attended the party for personal reasons.

Both NTR Jr and Ram Charan are popular actors in the Telugu film industry and have worked together on several occasions, including the blockbuster hit ‘RRR’. They are also known to share a close bond off-screen and have often been spotted together at public events and parties.

NTR Jr’s absence at Ram Charan’s birthday bash has left many fans and media outlets speculating about the reasons behind it. While it is unclear why NTR Jr did not attend the party, it is important to respect their privacy and not jump to conclusions. The two actors have worked together and are known to be close friends, and it is likely that they will continue to support each other in their respective careers.

Ziya Khan


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