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Noor & Maatr 1st Day Box Office Collection

Noor & Maatr

It is a clash of a different kind of movies as Sonakshi Sinha’s Noor and Raveena Tandon’s Maatr take on each other at the Box Office. Noor comes across as a film that should bring in some sort of entertainment value through comic relief and breezy moments. Since Sonakshi Sinha has demonstrated her comic timing in the past, one expects her to lead the show well here. On the other hand Maatr picks up a serious issue and aims to act as an eye opener affair. Raveena Tandon has done a few serious films in the past and now that she is making her big screen comeback with this one, she is expected to excel well.

From the opening perspective, Noor was reported better due to its larger commercial appeal. That said, it was on a relative scale since as an absolute number it would all depend on the word of mouth. 2017 so far has seen only those films open really well [50%+ occupancy] which have been led by superstars. Others have all opened in the 20%-30% range at best and this is what can be expected out of Noor as well. However, the film has the kind of theme has seen better occupancy towards the evening shows. Moreover, there is Sonakshi Sinha in there and that adds on to the face value.

As per reports, the 1st day box office collection for Noor is 4 crores. Now As for Maatr, is been heavily dependent on the critical acclaim followed by word of mouth, which wasn’t that par. The film was therefor seen a restricted release at the Box Office and for the exhibitors to continue showing their trust in its run, it would have to show a turnaround over the weekend itself otherwise it would find tough going during the weekdays. But as of now, things are bad and the reports suggests that the 1st day box office collection for Maatr is 1 crore, what more can we expect for this film.

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