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Nobby Singh new song for Sardool Sikander goes viral on social media

Sardool Sikander
Sardool Sikander

The whole Punjab was in a mourning state when legendary Punjabi singer Sardul Sikander passed away on February 24. Several Punjabi singers were shocked, deeply pained about the loss and so was his ‘Eklavya’ Nobby Singh.

Nobby Singh considered himseld as ‘Eklavya’ and hence lent his voice to an emotional track as a tribute to his ‘Dronacharya’. Sikander’s charismatic voice is being echoed in everyone’s heart even after departing to the heavenly abode.

Sikandar inspired plethora of singers to do better than better. Therefore, his disciples and students started paying homage to him through their own voices after his sad demise.

Likewise, Nobby Singh gave his melodious voice to a painful song ‘Asin Jis Lai Duniya Chhad Ditti’, which is not easy to sing and is considered to be very difficult. Through this emotional song, Nobby paid tribute to the late singer Sardul Sikander.

You can feel the voice of Nobby Singh and the feelings in the song show the potential of the singer. Nobby’s video has attracted so many people as they felt the emotion. Be it music lovers or Sardul Sikander’s fans, everybody is loving it.

On Facebook, it has garnered over one lakh views and shares in just two days while there have been more than 2 lakh views on Instagram. Undoubtedly, it has started to become popular among Punjabis, which means Sardul Sikandar is still in the hearts of people

Nobby Singh is a renowned artist who has sung various songs like Revolver and Thakkiyan. Currentlty, he is working on several new projects out of which one of them would be released in April and the other in May.

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