Saturday, December 4, 2021
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A no Boyfriend Clause from Sridevi to her daughter Jhanvi Kapoor


Sridevi the yesteryear actress is now a doting mother. However, the veteran diva seems to have become more strict with her daughter. With her pictures of daughter called Jhanvi Kapoor seen smooching her boyfriend called Shikhar Pahariya seen going viral over the web, the teenager is seen prepping up for her big B Town debut, but we see her mother has levied some stringent rules on Jhanvi Kapoor.

We all remember how Sridevi entered in the industry during her teens, she tried all the ways to make the stardom but when it came to her daughter she seems going strict. She wants Jhanvi for carrying out the things as per her whims and fancies. Even her personal life would be scrutinized by mom Sridevi, which certainly include the boyfriend clause as well for Jhanvi Kapoor.

Well, the actress has asked her daughter not to have any boyfriend or even have a male friend for the matter. May be she would be allowed to have a boyfriend only when she grows up and enters the stardom. But right now, it’s a no boyfriend clause for Mrs. Kapoor – got it?

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