Nivedita Chandel, Ankh Lardi’s gorgeous face loves Coco

Nivedita Chandel, Ankh Lardi's gorgeous face loves Coco


You must have seen thousand animal lovers by now, but how can a model love a dog so much, yes model Nivedita has got love for Coco.

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Nooran Sisters sang in the headlines for the song Akh Lardi, this song’s actress Nivedita Chandel, you will not know that she is an animal lover and she loves her coco very much. Since then, most of her time is spent in coco, now Nividata has worked in Akh Lardi Song, which is loudly discussed.

This song, which has gone to the sound of Nooran Sisters, is very much liked by the audience, this song is made so special that nooran Sisters left no stone unturned to give it a Sufi color and showed Nivedita Chandel as beautifully as in filming the song. Gaya is appreciated very much.

Nivedita works very hard behind her project, which Sila gives her an audience after her work.Now after Akh Lardi, Nevidta is working in more projects which you will soon see.

Nivedita is an actress as well as a fashion model, and runs her own fashion blog, which has a lot of brands launched in India and abroad under the name Navidita Fashion.

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