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Nishant Piyush and popular Emirati influencer Mohammed Al Balooshi spotted having an informal meet.

The digital world’s known personalities were seen exchanging notes on the latest technological advances concerning social media.

The way young talents around the world are exploring their potential around their respective fields of work is indeed remarkable. The kind of confidence they exude inspires even those who are well-established, having been in business for long years. They have created an immense buzz around them to such levels that they are always well written about, with their stories being flashed all over news tabloids, online or offline. Some have displayed their exceptional talent to such levels that wherever they step in, they are hounded by the paparazzi. The same happens with the young talented digital entrepreneur from Dubai, who owns the prestigious agency ‘Prike Media’ – Nishant Piyush.

Having made his mark as a successful entrepreneur in the digital world, he has successfully managed his career as a crypto investor too. Grabbing the headlines of top-notch publications and other media platforms for his numerous meets with popular personalities, especially social media influencers is a part of his daily life. Recently he was snapped by the media while on an informal meet with the popular Emirati influencer and motivational speaker Mohammed Al Balooshi, who has gained an impressive number of followers on social media. When asked about his meeting with the popular personality, Nishant said, “I was contemplating to meet him for a long time and when got a chance grabbed the opportunity which was not to be missed. It was a fruitful meet where we discussed certain interesting aspects related to the digital medium.”

Nishant Piyush has his meetings lined up with numerous influencers to discuss business, being the founder and CEO of Prike Media, which has established its strong base in the Middle East. “It was indeed a pleasure meeting Mohammed Al Balooshi who is an extremely popular figure on social media, besides discussing the nitty-gritty’s of social media was an enriching experience for me,” says Nishant.



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