Nishant Agarwal: How This Youngman Turned His Passion Into Business.

Nishant Agarwal
Nishant Agarwal

Why Should You Know Him?

Nishant Agarwal is one of the youngest Entrepreneurs from Odisha. He does not believe in the conventions and believes in living his life on his own terms which is why he decided to start his entrepreneurial journey in the area of his passion and interests. Having interest in various fields like Photography and Painting, he decided to make a business career in both of these and he is quite successful at it. Nishant is currently pursuing BBA in distance from Jain University Bangalore while running his business marathon.

Hustler From A Young-Age. 

He says that he has been a hustler since a very young age and he would find ways to earn some money. He saw that earning money by putting work in his passion which is painting and photography, he feels much accomplished. So, that was the motivating factor for him and very soon he decided that he will become an entrepreneur but having interest in different fields, he was not very sure what he truly wants to do. He is a great photographer and artist. So, he decided to make a career in both of these field but he was misunderstood by the people around him who thought that it won’t be wise to dedicate too much efforts in various fields at the same time but Nishant’s sheer hard-work and dedication proved them wrong and he broke all the stereotypes. 

Looking Up To Achievers For Inspiration.

Finding his inspiration in Ritesh Aggarwal, he wishes to become like him but in his own field and his own way. For those unversed, Ritesh Aggarwal is the Founder, CEO of OYO Rooms, now a global brand and he is one of the youngest billionaires in the world and both Nishant and Ritesh shares the same state i.e. Odisha. On asking about his education and studies, he laughingly  says that “Most people think that dropping out is one of the essential parts of becoming an entrepreneur but it is so wrong and I think that formal education is really important and an important part of one’s life.” 

Future Goals And Ambition

Nishant says that as of now, his artworks are being sold for lakhs of rupees and he is also making good money by his photography skills. He wishes to continue and is searching for his masterpiece. An artist’s true achievement is his masterpiece just like an entrepreneur’s real achievement is to make people’s life a little better than before and that is what Nishant seems to have understood and has been imbibing honestly with dedication. We wish all the best to this gentleman and hope that he gets all the riches that he wishes to achieve.

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