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Nina Vargas is coming up with business in India to assist Bollywood celebrities to promote their brands.

Nina Vargas

Nina Vargas is a capable character who exclusively has achieved a lot in her life and she is one of those people who love to become familiar with infinite skills which will be advantageous for her in the long term. During her education, she had an enthusiasm for the retail market and constantly needed to procure learning about different brands. With strong determination towards education and career simultaneously, she began working with Big brands . where she met Christian Lopez; who helped her in achieving various opportunities in life. Aside from this, she has additionally worked with Steve Madden and The Jones Group.

Working in the retail business, she came to realize what really will work for her profession and from that instance; she chose to enter the world of business. She holds a view that business requires people who can empower, promote, and bolster the new talent. She made a trip to New York City for the job in retail and PR. After battling for a long time, she began working as Director of Operations for marketing and fashion stage in NY. Afterward, she understood that a marketing expert is a superior choice for her; likewise, she turned into a private marketing specialist and took brands to the next level.

In the wake of achieving accomplishment in the retail market of America, she is ready to set up business units and learning institutions in India where she will help the Bollywood celebrities to promote their brands around the world. Being a marketing expert, she will contact and hire individuals who have the energy for the retail market and will assist new talent to come up with their skills in the market. Likewise, her solid network in the American market will assist Indian famous people thus providing huge success to the uncommon brands. Additionally, this character has built business relationships with different organizations to become successful. At last, her help to the individuals, welcoming methodology, and consistent hustle made her work ethic “trademark.”

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