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Nightmares are giving you sleepless nights? Here’s how you can get rid of them!

 We frequently have dreams while sleeping, some of which are magical and some of which are frightening. But sometimes they are so scary that we are worried the whole night and day. However, we ignore it, thinking that it is just a normal dream. But in reality, they are related to our daily routine, due to which we get different types of dreams. In this article, we will tell you what we feel in our dreams, how scary they are, and what our solutions are for nightmares.

While sleeping, we have nightmares as:

1) In dreams, it seems that someone is trying to kill us.

2) Dead people come into our dreams, and everyone behaves as if that person is alive and has not left us. Well, we get very upset with this dream.

3) Sometimes we are never able to move in our dreams; it seems that someone is holding us. And we are trying to ask for help from someone and suddenly get up, due to which our body starts shaking.

4) As mentioned in the first point, someone tries to kill us, but from my dream experience, I feel that we are very strong in our dreams.

5) Along with the situation of the day, our dreams also happen based on what we fear in real life. like someone who has an asthma problem or is afraid of water, fire, and darkness.

6) We feel like someone is calling us in the dark, and we imagine things in some horrifying way.

7) We also have dreams about the ones we don’t like or our competitors, who demotivate us in our dreams; in reality, these dreams are more dangerous than scary.

8) And the worst nightmare is seeing someone dead among our living people, then waking up with a throb.

9) There are many types of dreams, and everyone has their own dream experience; tell us about yours in the comments.

Why do such scary dreams come?

Stress :

We are under stress due to our work and think only about these things throughout the day. which affects our dreams. If you feel embarrassed because of some of your work, then you are a victim of a nightmare.

nightmares : lack of sleep:

Disturbing dreams are related to our lack of sleep. To compensate for a lack of sleep, our brain produces such dreams. We should get 11 to 12 hours of sleep.

nightmares : Using a mobile device while sleeping at night

We use our mobile devices more while sleeping, and some people stay awake until 3 or 4 a.m., which is extremely dangerous to our health. and should not be used after the lights have been turned off.

Don’t watch or listen to scary stories at bedtime.

Horror or crime stories should not be watched at bedtime because it is fully guaranteed that they will affect your dreams.

nightmares : Parasomnia disorder

Parasomnia is a nightmarish disorder in which you have big dreams in which you do not move and feel that someone has suppressed you.

nightmares : Don’t eat anything before sleeping.

If you eat something before sleeping, then the possibility of nightmares increases.

 The solution to avoid a nightmares

We all know that there is only one best remedy for any condition: yoga or meditation. We should do Suryanamaskar for 15 minutes before sleeping.

I have observed since my childhood that the elders of my house sleep and wake up after praying to God. And in addition to what they are doing, they have also taught us, and I personally feel that this is the most useful thing.

Change the timetable, dare to fight whatever stress you have during the day, and after going home, keep all your problems away and leave smiling.

Talk most of the day, keep smiling, and share your problems with your close ones.

If you are fed up with your bad dreams, then definitely take the advice of a doctor.

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