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Nidhi Nautiyal

Nidhi Nautiyal
Nidhi Nautiyal

Nidhi Nautiyal Bio :

City : Delhi
Professional : Model , TV Actor

Nidhi Nautiyal is a beautiful actress working in Telugu and Tamil movies. She has recently started working in Hindi Television as well. Nidhi was a model in print and TV before stepping into acting. Her major break came in Telugu and Tamil films in which she was cast in key roles. Her Hindi film Chudail Story, released in 2016. The movie got a lukewarm response from the audience.

Nidhi’s Chudail Story had a fresh cast consisting of herself, Preeti Soni, Amal Sherawat and Sunny Charls. The movie received a below average turn out as it barely had any known person in the star cast.

Nidhi found success in few films in Telugu. She is presently working on the show Meri Durga, which will be launched soon on Star Plus. The show is ready to go on air from January 2017. It will be a women oriented show with Nidhi playing the titular character. Nidhi will appear in the show after the story takes a leap. In the beginning, a child actress named Ananya Agarwal will be playing the child version of the character. Nidhi’s character Durga is an aspiring athlete. She dreams of making it big in the sports world and is ready to work hard for it. Her father, played by Vicky Ahuja, is very supportive of his daughter.

Nidhi was chosen for this role after an audition. She was apt for the role as she had and athletic and strong body. After a period of struggle in Telugu movies, Nidhi has finally found a lead role to prove her talent. The show will be aired in the prime slot on Star Plus.

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