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Nick Jonas Too much in love Priyanka- coming again to India

Nick Jonas Too much in love Priyanka

We hear a lot these days about the latest couple in the media – yes you guessed it right, Nick and Pee Cee. Well, they seem to be very much in love and you follow them they are barely seen separate to each other. Last month we saw Nick joining Pee Cee to India wherein she has spend good time with the lady love with the family and friends. After investing loads of time and perhaps a week in India, the lady was seen leaving India with his man for Brazli wherein the two were supposed to perform at the VillaMix Festival and as per the latest buzz, the couple are now planning another visit to India.

The couple is expected to visit India for the second time together in the second week of July during her stay in India and the pop-star is going to leave for the US while Pee Cee will be staying back to start the shoots of the film Bharat which she will be doing opposite Salman Khan. As per the sources, Pee Cee will be visiting Bombay in the second week of July as she has to kick off her shooting for the said B Town film. On the other side, Nick is hurrying up winding up his work as soon as he could so that he can remain with his lady. We see the actress shooting till the mid of September and then the two would spend some time with each other.

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The maiden trip of Nick to India with Pee Cee was simply filled with loads of fun. After having good time with the family, Priyanka Chopra and Nick were seen heading for a holiday in Goa along with the family and friends. Nick was glad to meet Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra, and her brother Siddharth Chopra and the two had an extended family meeting with a dinner. The Goa trip of Pee Cee with her beau was also joined by her cousin Parineeti Chopra and her brother along with some of their close friends. The two were also spotted at Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta’s pre-engagement party, while if you check the latest update about the two, the couple is likely to get engaged soon may be in July or August.

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