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Nia Sharma Jamai Raja Actress Captured Kissing Reyhna Malhotra Blooming Viral

Ohh my god, it’s again!! Seems like the Bollywood celebs and actresses are on the verge to impact the audience via exposing themselves purely in a sizzling way that can actually notch not a toughest attention but also can create a huge buzz around the globe. Let’s light up the news quickly, but before I start can I ask you something about the buzz creating actress Nia Sharma? Indeed she’s the one who was seen in the 1990s film Jamai Raja, but as of now she’s grabbing up some sparking news around the globe by ‘Kissing’ her true best friend Reyhna Malhotra. Sounds something really strange isn’t? It does, but the sources reflect the same. Check out what sources added on the same.

As per the sources the two actresses are best buddies and always used to spend their special times along with each other. In addition to this it is also said that both of them have extremely frank behavior, though they’re good friends so they never hesitate to behave like a crazy girl with each other especially attending parties, catching selfiess, meetings n all are there daily activities. However if we talk about their depiction on the buzz then here Reyhna is really pampered about the ongoing buzz and is indeed creating a negative impact on their true friendship. Based on the true sources she also added that ‘We are good friends and have cleared that we are straight girls not lesbians’.

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