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NH10 Trailer Review

For the first time, Anushka Sharma is embarking with venture called NH10, whom she is venturing in opposite to the Ungli actor Neil Bhoopalam and Darshan Kumar. The entire trailer starts in an intriguing format wherein she is seen in a metal rod dragging all around to avenge the ruthless people coming in their way. In the very first scene you can find a metal rod screeching over the road and thus give you the creeps and gives a clear picture that the film is full of violent and dark shades. The movie revolves around a couple (Anushka & Bhoopalam) who are madly in love with other who plan out a road trip. Amidst all their gala time, their journey was seen turning ugly the moment they are seen in a local town, which is pitted in its own vandals.

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Perhaps, if you dig a deep, you realise NH10 story is being inspired by a couple of incidents taking place in Gurgaon wherein crimes rule more than law. The action you catch in the trailer seems very much bloody and ruthless and it is interesting to see Anushka in an avatar with blood stains and fear. With this movie, Anushka is all set to prove her versatility followed by embarking with some of the best performances in Aamir Khan Starrer film PK. Neil on the contrary is not seen sharing space in this trailer, however, he seems promising as compared with his previous performances. In a sense, with niche based movies, he has the potential to prove his worth with incredible performance. Then you have the Mary Kom actor Darshan Kumar, who comes out in the role of an impressive antagonist seen in some of the chilling sequences including the one wherein he is seen dragging a woman ruthlessly by her hair.

Thus you can claim that the movie doesn’t really appear like a novel presentation but the tragedy is that the execution seems very much predictable and very much typical for production house like Phantom. There is a forceful use of cuss words as witnessed in the trailer and at the same time the filmmaker has put all their efforts to make it appear very much captivating. On the good note, the trailer seems utilizing the background score very nicely. The trailer has become successful in grabbing the attention by its dialogues, which the trailer fails to have. Most of the time, the trailer is seen relying over gory scenes with faded environment just to inculcate the curiosity level.  All in all, the movie trailer gives the picture of Anushka Sharma to be very much performance oriented actress.

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