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What next for Anushka Sharma, is it her marriage?

Anushka Sharma with spects

Unlike any normal girl, Anushka Sharma says that marriage is on her cards. The actress has been making news for getting into relationship with the Indian Test Team captain Virat Kohli and they have been spotted too often and the recent marriage of Yuvraj and Hazel had witnessed the same.

Recently she was seen having an interview at Agenda Aaj Tak in the national capital when she was seen spilling the beans about her future plans. She said, marriage is on the cards but she is still not sure about when this will happen. She said things come normal to her life and she pursues them the natural way rather going out of her way.

She is now getting meatier roles in the films and said that now things have changed even the actresses who are married still work with comfort and great confidence, which is really an amazing thing for the women in the industry. She then said that even she would do the same like a normal person.

She also opined about the splits seen in B Town and talking about the same, she said she is a very basic person and still believes a lot on the institution of marriage. She expressed her concern over the growing trend in divorce and concluded saying that no relationship ever can exist without putting efforts on it.

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