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New twist in case of ‘Hamari Bahu Silk’ actors not receiving money, producer blames channel



Amid the lockdown in the country, a new story has emerged in the latest controversy surrounding the non-payment of the cast of TV serial ‘Hamari Bahu Silk’. Jyoti Gupta, owner of Silver Ivory Production, one of the show’s producers, stated in her explanation that she, like the rest of the cast and staff of the show, is suffering from unpaid pain. She has told the media the entire story from beginning to end that she has been beaten up in the fight between Global Production and Clay Picture LLP, the other producer of the channel and the show.

In a lengthy statement to the media, Jyoti Gupta has told that the show was produced by Sohub Hasan, the owner of Global Productions and Devani Rale, owner of Clay Picture, along with Channel Zee TV. Jyoti said, “When there was a tussle between Clay Picture and Global Productions on any issues, then Devyani requested me to join the show as a line producer. Because, the channel was going to give it to another producer to shut down before the show started or was going to be shut down. ‘

Jyoti told that Devyani also asked her to finance the show, in return she expressed confidence that she will always stand in support of him. Jyoti explains, ‘I agreed to work with the show with a positive sentiment. But whatever deal the channel had for this show was directly with Devyani. He had never given the show completely in my hands. When such time has come in front of people, then the entire blame of this incident has been put on me.

The show went off air only in November last year. Telling its story, Jyoti says, ‘I got a notice to close the show in October, stating the reason that the show’s TRP is not coming. I requested a show with Zee Channel to give the show a little more time. But the channel had no knowledge of the conversation between Devyani and me. Actually, Devayani had not told the channel that she is running this show together with me. The channel stopped the show and Devyani disappeared as well.

Seeing the current situation, Jyoti said, ‘Today people are blaming me for all this. However, the reality is that like them I too have been a victim of this incident. All I can pray for is that Zee Channel releases the money as soon as possible and we all account. Let me tell you that the whole issue started when some actors working on this show raised their voice against the makers of the show for not paying on social media. The show stars Chahat Pandey, Urvi Singh, Jan Khan, Rewa Chaudhary, Manas Shah, Rajesh Kumar, Sarita Joshi, Keerthi Chaudhary and Mamta Verma in the lead roles.

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