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New music video called love Jihaad starring Payal Ghosh is out and it’s making a lot of news

love Jihaad

Payal Ghosh starrer love jihaad is out now and it’s caused a huge uproar. The song which is seen by a section as something against intercaste marriage is actually not that totally. We saw the video and it’s about some of the Muslim men fraudulently marrying a Hindu girl and trying to convert her to their religion. This is a truth of society how much ever we try to hide that. The song is being critiqued as well as accepted due to its brave portrayal of the situation. Payal Ghosh has taken a bold step and she is not one to shy away from the challenge.

We got in touch with her and here is what she has got to say, “It’s a song where a Muslim boy pretends to be Hindu and marries a Hindu girl and then tries to convert her to their religion. It’s not about unacceptance or something that some sections are making it out to be. It is a ground reality and we can’t shy away from it. The cases are in thousands if not lakhs. It’s a bold attempt and we all have to stand by it to make it a success so the larger message goes out. Love jihaad is getting misunderstood and I request the media to come into play and give out the true essence of the music video.”

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Payal is a brave woman. She has faced it and seen it all and she is standing headstrong. We admire your courage girl.

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