Friday, December 3, 2021
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New Label Launch: ‘Liquid State’ moves to its Solid State


Sony Music Entertainment and Tencent Music Entertainment Group announce a new label that will focus on discovering, exhibiting and developing the abundant local talent to create original content and offer unparalleled supports to international artists of the region. This dance and electronic music label launched in Hong Kong will become the new headquarters for EDM artists from the Asian and International region.

Liquid State will be the main brand of community and lifestyle of dance and electronic music throughout the region, incorporating live tours, club events, and exclusive special experiences. The main focus of Liquid State will be to increase the growth of dance music in the Asian region, which has already seen EDM festivals shoot up to record numbers and the evolution of a vibrant local club scene.

With original content courtesy to the world leader in music Sony Music and the powerful marketing of TME, this all new label is all set to take the EDM scene by storm. Tencent media channels are also on board to support Liquid State and its artists. We don’t know the real reason behind the name of this new label, but we can say that it’s reached in its solid state with a start date set and artists lining up.

News is that Alan Walker will be an integral part of Liquid State. His first innovative single “Faded” topped all music charts in 2015 and sold over 9.4 million units worldwide. This collaboration is bound to be a big one. This could prove to be the first big wave of DJs and international collaborators to be a part of the Liquid State movement. Alan Walker believes “Liquid State will grow to play an important role in the creation of new Asian artists on a global scale, as well as to allow international artists to release the enormous potential that is within the Asian market.”

Liquid State is here and they’re ready to make some noise!

Simran Malhotra
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