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New HIV infections slows down by 20% in India: UN report

There is a good news for Indians as they have achieved more than 20 percent of the new HIV infections going down as compared to the previous 2000 and 2014 reports. As per the study carried out by the UN agencies, the new cases for the HIV infection have gone down with a good rate. The same report suggest that the country will have almost minimal cases of AIDS by 20130. Though at other places the rate of percentage seems better than India with 36 to 40 percent yet India with 20 percent isn’t a bad option as well.

The report further appreciated the Indian government, which has been instrumental in chalking out right policies of prevention of the menace, which has all together helped things to do better on board. As per results, there was an achievement of 20 percent, which will increase in the coming years. The report also applauded the nation for being the hub of medicine manufacture, which make things better for one and all. Despite the country facing issues from the external groups and medicine companies to lax the law, India has been considerable on it, which has made this changes.

Manoj L


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