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Netizens accused Raqesh of using Shamita ONLY to reach till the finale of Bigg Boss, here’s what the actor said about it!

Raqesh Bapat, of Bigg Boss fame and television’s talented actor, has returned home with a heart full of thanks for his fans and ‘love’ for his other Bigg Boss companion Shamita Shetty. The attractive couple hasn’t been shy about expressing their affections for one another, which they established throughout their time on the show. Many #ShaRa followers have been overjoyed since the two expressed their liking for each other, but there have been a few trolls who have accused Raqesh of manipulating Shamita to get to the Bigg Boss finals.

Raqesh Bapat, in turn, has silenced the trolls, naturally in his cool and collected manner. Raqesh spoke exclusively to Pinkvilla about the allegations. “That’s not right! Shamita and I, both of us have had our own professional journeys and I do not need anybody to help me reach my goal. Also, let me tell you that honestly, winning the show was never my goal, I had participated to garner experience and see what the hype over BB has been all these years. So using Shamita to reach till the very end is absolutely out of question!”

He further said, “Had I been evicted in the initial weeks itself, I would have been happy even then. Just because I am calm as a person and according to trolls, may have not succeeded in delivering the typical ‘content’, and if this is why they feel that I have used Shamita, then NO, it’s wrong! I am not that shallow.”

Talking about his liking for Shamita, Raqesh said, “Whatever I have for Shamita is from a place of care, thoroughly genuine and all from my heart. Had Shamita not been in the game, I would still have remained the same as I was seen throughout my stint, for I am the same in my real life too. There was no pretence. In that house, you need somebody to talk to, to vent out to, otherwise you may just go mad. Whatever feelings of mine you all saw for Shamita were absolutely genuine and came from within a pure soul and intentions.” said Raqesh.

Raqesh went on to say that the game show had a negative impact on his mental health, particularly in the first several weeks.

He said, “Yes. It affected my mental health a lot, in a lot of ways. Initially, I just did not understand as to why was I being misunderstood. Was I putting things out in the wrong way?! Was the tone wrong? Slowly I realised that the tone in which you put across your points matter. I have never had that tone or pitch and I knew that wouldn’t even fake one just for the game. I had a tendency to get a little scared or confused when there would be too much of noise and chaos. I did not go through any self-doubt but yes, I just did not understand as to why was I being misunderstood. I am not a bad person and I don’t know why people in the house considered me spineless. I am full of spine outside the house and I have always been firm of the decisions that I have taken. All of this was so messy and chaotic. So yes, I was taken aback by people’s behaviour in the house and it did take a toll on my mental health initially.”

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