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Netflix’s Wild Wild Punjab Review: Varun Sharma Returns with Stale Humour

Movie – Wild Wild Punjab

Director: Simarpreet Singh

Cast: Varun Sharma, Jassie Gill, Patralekhaa, Manjot Singh, Sunny Singh and Ishita Raj

Ratings: 3.5

The film, Netflix’s Wild Wild Punjab, offers a blend of humor and silliness that manages to elicit laughter, but the authenticity of these laughs is something you’ll have to discover for yourself. The plot revolves around four young friends, each dealing with their own personal challenges, who unite to assist a friend reeling from a recent breakup.Rajesh Khanna, also known as Khanne (Varun Sharma), is coached by his friends to overcome heartbreak by finding the strength to move on from his ex.
This leads them on a mission to help Khanne utter the four magical words to his ex in front of her family members, symbolizing closure. Supported by his trustworthy friends—Maan Arora a.k.a Arore (Sunny Singh), Gaurav Jain a.k.a Jainu (Jassie Gill), and Mr. Honey Singh a.k.a Honey Paaji (Manjot Singh)—they embark on a break-up road trip full of wild and unpredictable events. Along the way, Radha (Patralekhaa) and Meera (Ishita Raj) join them in the chaotic world of Punjab, adding to the adventure. Despite its ups and downs, the journey turns out to be anything but ordinary, leaving the question of their success hanging in the balance.
While the film offers moments of forced laughter and a mix of good and bad, it also raises questions about the depiction of Punjab. With plenty of drama and a dose of nostalgia, the film occasionally struggles to deliver the authentic laughter that resonates. The writing is critiqued for being lackluster, and it may leave you pondering the portrayal of Punjab as a place characterized by readily available drugs and alcohol.
Netflix’s Wild Wild Punjab is a movie that caters to those who appreciate slapstick comedy, offering a light-hearted and amusing experience. However, it falls short of delivering the depth and intensity that some viewers may seek.

Ziya Khan


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