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Neha Kakkar speaks on her alarming post about ‘ending her life’

Neha Kakkar

Soon after the spreading online rumours about Neha Kakkar happening to hold a fight with the Indian Idol contestant surfaced, the singer has come up in defence. The singer has shared a detailed message pointing out how insensitive rumours are being spread about her. As per sources, Neha Kakkar, who is a popular judge at Indian Idol, has recently been linked to a contestant named Vibhor Parashar.


The super hit singer, Youtube star and the reality show judge Neha Kakkar has sent her fans into a complete panic mode on as she shared her hard-hitting post on her Instagram Story hinting at a depression and ‘ending her life’. The ‘Coca Cola’ singer shared a detailed message on Instagram pointing out to the insensitive rumours being spread about her. As reported, it has been known that Neha Kakkar has recently been linked to a contestant named Vibhor Parashar. The singer was seen participating in few music concerts with Vibhor after which these wild speculations about their relationship popped up.

Mentioning that it’s so disturbing, Neha has also requested people to stop spreading these rumours and think about the damage it causes emotionally as well as mentally. Neha mentioned in her post, “While i’m writing this i’m not in a good condition. Neither physically, nor mentally. But i had to speak up! You know.. They don’t realise that i’m a daughter/ sister of somebody. I’ve worked so hard all my life and made sure that i make my family proud and do good with everyone who’re not even my family/friends.”

She further added, “Why do they spread rumours without even thinking how badly it’ll affect somebody’s life. Even if she’s a celebrity, she’s a human being first! Stop being so heartless. Stop talking about somebody’s personal life or character. Stop judging. Stop embarrassing people. Dont do so much that they get depression. If you are a father or brother of somebody will you do that to your daughter/ sister? Stop making anybody feel so bad that they start thinking of ending their life. Plz! Stop!”

After such an alarming post, Neha also clarified that it is ‘bura time’. “People who care for me, Don’t worry I’ll be fine! Bura time hai It’ll pass! I have to be alright, have a Concert Tonite. But if you really care and wanna do something about it then try Changing the world. Tell them to stop all that! Say No to the news that makes people’s life miserable.”

Neha is currently on tour in the UK and has performed a show recently in London. She has also shared a few pictures from her concert.

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