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Neha Kakkar reveals that her family had to suffer for allowing her to sing!

Neha Kakkar along with Honey Singh and Tony Kakkar appeared as a guest on Super Dancer 4 to promote their song. And the guests were mesmerized by Anshika and Guru Manan’s performance. Seeing Anshika, Neha revealed how her Parents helped her break the barriers of patriarchy for being being a girl in the field of entertainment.

Neha Kakkar said: “Our family used to live in Rishikesh and I was very small, may be four years old, when I started singing. My sister started before me. Currently, Rishikesh has become a lot more advanced, but earlier everyone used to taunt my parents saying ‘you make your daughters sing… what kind of a father is he’?

She further added, “But my father worked hard and made sure that the talent his daughters had came out in front of the whole world. We started singing in ‘jagrans’ and though people found it very difficult to accept the fact that girls are singing, we always had immense support from our parents.”

After the performance she praised Anshika and congratulated her for the performance, “Anshika you nailed it yaar! Manan great job, great job, god bless you, wow!” neha said.

Congratulating Anshika’s mother, the singer said: “We were very fortunate that we had immense support from our parents, especially the daughters. You are a very strong and inspirational woman. Hats off to you.”

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