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Neha Kakkar going to marry Udit Narayan’s son? Met the whole family

Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar is currently judging ‘Indian Idol’ season 11. Her co-judges are Vishal Dadlani and Himesh Reshammiya. Aditya Narayan is hosting the show. Neha is often in the discussion about crying on the show. Now news of Neha’s marriage has come. You will be shocked to know the name of whom she is going to marry.

Actually, Neha Kakkar’s marriage is going on with Aditya Narayan. This thing started with the set of ‘Indian Idol 11’. On set, Aditya Narayan’s entire family also went to meet Neha. According to the ‘Times of India’ report, Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik will arrive in the upcoming episode of ‘Indian Idol 11’.

On this show, Udit Narayan will be seen teasing Neha Kakkar with her son’s name. At the same time, Udit will also say that he is following this show from the first episode, for which there are two reasons. One is that the contestants of this show are very talented and the second is that he wants to make Neha Kakkar her daughter-in-law.

Not only Udit, but his wife Deepa Narayan also talked about making Neha the daughter-in-law of Narayan family on this show. Not only this, Neha’s parents also came on the show and they also agreed to this marriage. During this, Aditya appeared very happy. At the same time, Neha is not ready for marriage.

Neha said that if she agrees to marry so soon then it will be no fun. Let me tell you that this whole incident is a joke. All are doing this to tease Aditya and Neha. However, Aditya is often seen flirting with Neha on the show. Aditya and Neha are currently single.

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