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Neha Dhupia brings out the taste of thr trio: Sonam, Rhea and Harshvardhan Kapoor

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After the first insanely unfiltered episode featuring Karan Johar as a guest, Neha Dhupia’s audio talk show #NoFilterNeha on Saavn is launching its second episode with the fashionista Sonam Kapoor, known for her unfiltered views on anything and everything!

On the show, Neha gets Sonam to reveal some very candid thoughts that the elder sister has on her younger brother, Harshvardhan’s, choices in women.  Sonam was heard saying, “He has terrible taste. I never say this to them directly but ya, I don’t want to say anything to this! *laughs* All these boys decide that they want to date girls that are not at all like Rhea and me.”

Neha who did thorough research for each guest on the show also got hold of messages that Sonam and Rhea have sent to Harsh on the women in his life, some of them being “She’s sweet, but tacky.”, “Not bad, but you can do better”, “We hope you’re using protection”, Why do you have such bad taste in women?”!

In the candid unfiltered conversation, Sonam also mentioned her younger brother plays pranks on her by stealing her phone and sending messages to directors! “He messages directors from my  phone without even telling me. I was like I’m not messaging people like that, it’s so weird! He steals my phone, he knows my code and he messages directors saying that I want to work with you and all of that”, says Sonam in a true no filter avatar.

Trust Sonam Kapoor to always be candid, honest, upfront and fun… Making her the perfect NoFilter guest!

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