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Bigg Boss 16

Neha Bhasin and Pratik Sehajpal gets into an ugly fight again, the former accuse him of breaking her trust

In the most recent episode, Bigg Boss OTT candidate Neha Bhasin was seen in a furious feud with Bigg Boss 15 and former BB OTT contestant Pratik Sehajpal. Fortunately, two friends who had known each other since the BB OTT days decided to work out their disagreements in a reasonable manner. The housemates surprised Neha, who was also celebrating her birthday in the BB15 house, with a cake and candle to make it even more special. On this wonderful occasion, Pratik’s housemates advised him to talk to Neha about his problems.

Pratik apologises for his error during his talk with Neha, but he clarifies that he did not mean it. He also wants Neha to realise that he has no intention of fighting with her. He said, “I am genuinely sorry for everything. I didn’t mean and want anything to happen that had happened. I am feeling guilty and you don’t understand what I am going through. I didn’t have any intention to fight with you. I feel bad about all the mean things said. I may be loud but I am not mean.”

Neha responding to this said, “Even I feel bad about all the things you have said to me. You are very rude. Nobody ever in my life have spoken to me like this.” Pratik too makes her realize that she was mean to him. “Neha, even I am telling you that nobody has spoken to me such mean things in my life. I have not lied to you,” added Pratik.

Neha replies him saying, “So every 10 days you change people and your feelings remain the same? Is that who you are? You don’t know what all I have been through. In 20 years of my life there has never been a scandal. But I took the fall for you because I had trust in your feelings. But it doesn’t matter to you. What else do I say?”

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