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Neda DeBiase in a world full of Fashion

Neda DeBiase
Neda DeBiase

“You must give every ounce of your time & energy to pursue these dreams. You must always imagine yourself winning at the end of the tunnel. It’s going to be the hardest thing you ever try and achieve, but this would be for you! You deserve to live your life!.” These are the thought provoking words of the actor and model Neda DeBiase. An eminent personality who has made a great breakthrough and has acquired fame and splendor after entering the glamour world.

Neda commenced her modeling and acting career in her early 20s, but the modeling world was totally pristine to her. Neda initially worked in the medical field for a substantial amount of time, yet never lost her determination. Neda always believed in her dreams towards the modeling fashion Industry. She always wanted to live her life to the fullest. Neda joined modeling & acting school and trained at Jo Anderson Model & Talent, in NJ & has been a part of many different modeling & acting agencies. She had also been enrolled in taking make up courses at L Studio Make-overs, attaining mastery in becoming a make up artist.

Neda, established in Philadelphia, had the best concoction of her start and ended up exhibiting her boldness and vibrance. Receiving the title of for Mrs. Philadelphia US Nation 2020 US Nation pageant, she is a Fashion Model, a Photographer, a Makeup Artist, & a very hardworking mother. She has made strong appearances in a lot of fashion weeks and has done many ads as well. Getting featured in hospital commercials, modeling ads, and a few TV shows, she was a part of different Fashion Weeks in PA & NYC. Making appearances in small roles in the TV industry such as Blue bloods, Smash, Make up Commercial & hospital ads- including backgrounds, she has proven that she is a proficient model and actor.

Neda’s journey has been impelling for others as well. Aiming to open her own studio one day and revolutionize the views of people, she wishes to make them feel ecstatic about their appearances one day. Trying to follow her dreams, she has been able to accomplish all of them by never giving up hope even when it took her several attempts to try. Neda has shown the candid power of dedication and hard work. She will continue to make herself succeed and hopes to bring change to the Fashion industry.

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