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Navjyot Singh Sidhu gets a year old imprisonment in a 1988 road rage case

Back In 1988, Navjyot Singh Sidhu was dragged in a road rage case in which a person had died. Since then the case has been with the court for n number of hearings and now after almost three decades, the court has now finally sentenced one-year-old rigorous imprisonment in this case under section 304 part 2 of the Indian Penal Code and instead found him guilty for the offence of “voluntarily causing hurt” under Section 323 IPC.

“The material on record leads us to the only possible conclusion that we can reach that the first accused voluntarily caused hurt to Gurnam Singh punishable under Section 323 IPC”, Justice Chelameswar stated in the judgement.

“…the conclusion of the High Court that Gurnam Singh’s death is caused by subdural haemorrhage but not cardiac arrest, in our opinion, is not based on any evidence on record and is a pure conjecture. We, therefore, find it difficult to sustain the conviction of the first accused and set­aside the same. Because to find a man guilty of culpable homicide, the basic fact required to be established is that the accused caused the death. But, as noticed above, the medical evidence is absolutely uncertain regarding the cause of death of Gurnam Singh”, the judgment authored by Justice Chelameshwar.

The incident happened on December 27, 1988, at a traffic crossroad in Patiala, when a conflict relating to the right way of vehicles led to Sidhu dragging out the departed from his vehicle and attacking him with fist botches.

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