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Navjot Singh Sidhu’s NRI sister Suman Toor REVEALS “he kicked mother out of house for money”

Navjot Singh Sidhu, a former judge on a comedy show and the president of the Punjab Congress Pradesh Committee, has found himself in hot water once more. Suman Toor, Navjot’s NRI sister, has levelled severe allegations against him ahead of the Punjab Assembly Election 2022. She conducted a news conference this afternoon, during which she referred to his sibling as a “cruel” individual. Suman told the journalists that their mother died in 1989 as a penniless lady at the Delhi railway station since Sidhu abandoned her after their father died. His NRI sister told the story to the public, pleading for their mother’s justice.

During the press conference, Suman told the media that they have seen very tough times. She said, “My mother was in the hospital for four months. I have documentary evidences of whatever I am claiming.” Divulging more details, Suman revealed, “She worked hard to raise us, me and my sister. She used to take both of us to school on a bicycle. Neither my mother nor our sisters asked him (Sidhu) for any help when he abandoned us. My mother went to Ludhiana to ask why he was lying. He said that he had not made the statement and that somebody else has made the claim. My mother then filed a case against the publication which had published the alleged statement, but he never supported her despite saying he would.”

She told the media, “I was compelled to address a press conference after attempts to contact Navjot Singh Sidhu failed. He has blocked me on his phone. His servants also do not open doors. I want justice for my mother.” Suman Toor concluded by saying, “I am a 70-year-old and revealing these things about our family is really tough.”
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