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Nargis Fakhri launch her new official website for connecting with fans

Nargis Fakhri official website

The Bikini model turned actress – Nargis Fakhri will now be seen to make her online presence felt by embarking with her official website called This actress seems to have come a long way without having a successful film after Rockstar. With her recent movie released last week, success has finally touched her in some way or the other. She now intends to run her new PR machinery in the form of site, which she intends to launch in order to connect with her fans all over the country.

Talking about her idea in press, Nargis Fakhri seemed very much thrilled about the launching of her brand new site. According to her, she can now share some of her vital milestones of her life with her fans. She intends to add a number of interesting updates, which she is expecting to see a good response from her fans. She calls the site as one of the interesting medium to connect with her fans. She plans to put a number of her exclusive images, which will accessible to her fans.

You can also catch her all her recent moves and activities, which she intends to post for her fans. Besides, you can even intend put about her childhood, her achievement details, work stuff, and other vital things about her life. You can find a number of news, views and other things about her movie promotion and other stuff. The site is also connected to a number of popular social media sites, which can further connect to fans found over the social networking platforms. You can find her official website like a piece of cake for her fans all over the globe, which will simply help in staying connected to get information about her life and efforts.

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