Monday, November 29, 2021
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Why Nargis Fakhri isn’t performing at any of the award shows?

nargis-fakhri not performing in award functions

We are amidst the award season, which is also the time for many Bollywood bigwigs to make huge money for performing on stage on these events. Many stars, which glittered last year were seen performing for different stuff on these award shows, even Nargis Fakhri could had made her entry into such shows, but alas she was not seen in any of the award functions with any event. Getting fame last year with her item number Yaar Na Miley in the popular movie of Salman Khan’s Kick, she was flooded with a number of offers to perform the song on different award functions, but she wasn’t was seen performing on the same.

Why? A big question indeed, which she gave a simple answer!  While turning off all the offers calling this song as Jacqueline Fernandez’s number and not her. Jacqueline was the main lead actress in the film, while the song was picturised on her and Salman, though it appears at the end of the film. Whereas Nargis Fakhri was simply roped in for this song and not for the film, hence considering the fact that its her moral duty to discharge this offer to Jacqueline and not was her idea, which kept her away to take any offer at different award functions.

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