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Nana Patekar Veteran Star of Bollywood: Donating his Earning to Poor People!

A man who’s known for his toughest talks, a man who’s always seen in the simple attire despite being a renowned Bollywood actor in the olden days, he still prefer to live in simple 1BHK sweet home just like an ordinary man, none other than Nana Patekar.

Don’t forget the most precious thing which he’s rolling within the entire B town and is nothing but helping the poor people and trying his best efforts so as to make them happy. Can I ask you a simple question? Tell me what you will do to help poor people? You will offer him some money, some peaceful help or you may take him/her to your home that’s all right?

But how about our beloved star ‘Nana’, well he has owed his entire life for the help of poor people or famers, as per the sources it is said that about 90% of his entire salary he donates to such people so as to help them from bottom of his heart. Not only this but he had initiated a foundation for such people and whether you believe or not it has collected Rs. 22Crores from the people for farmer welfare.

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