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Nana Patekar Strikes Bollywood: Why Pratyusha’s Suicide is Hiking Rather Farmers’

Nana Patekar on pratyusha suicide

A statement which can make anyone of us speechless, a neglecting bitter truth which is somehow ignored by all of us, a really tinny situation of those who’re nothing but our day to day food ancestors and last but the least comes into picture only when the elections are nearby, indeed we talking about the backbone of our beloved country none other than our ‘Farmers’ who’re struggling with their life, their earning and each n everything which is there for our daily need but it’s really painful and shameful for all of us that despite we are living in a 21st century but still we are neglecting them even today.

The one who’s a  bit different from all of us is none other than our Bollywood film star, the one n only Nana Patekar – One of the popular Marathi manus and indeed a beloved Indian, who’s now in a state to dedicate his entire life to the farmers, not only he’s social worker but when time comes he never get betrayed of thing and speaks in candid talks, like if we talk about his recent conversation then he has made the entire B town speechless with his words, have a look..

As per the sources he added – “The girl (Pratyusha) dying was most unfortunate. But it is being highlighted day after day in the media. What about farmers who kill themselves? Are their lives not worth anything?” – Sounds really bitter isn’t? but is bitter like anything.

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