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Nalini Negi and Neha Nangia Notched For Stealing Belongings with True Evidence

The news which is grabbing such a huge applause and have actually given a bit of shock to the fans, one of the hottest celeb cum a renowned TV actress Nalini Negi along with her friend Neha Nangia are notched by some of the leading stars of Bollywood i.e. Renu Shironi and her friend Tanvi Gupta. I know you might be eager to know what actually happened behind the scenes, let’s check this out. The news started rolling around the globe when a complaint was filed by Renu and Tanvi with a true evidence of CCTV footage.

Moreover getting dipper into the news then as per the sources it is said that, a couple of days back when both Renu and Tanvi were went for a party outside in the night and handed over the master key of the flat to Neha. However, taking an undue advantage of the situation she’d made a duplicate key of the same and few days later in the absence of both the beauties Nalini along with her friend Neha got the chance to steal the entire money and jewellery which was inside the locker. But they didn’t knew that they were under CCTV surveillance camera and thus caught over there as hanging a bag that to coming outside from the flat during their absence.

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