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Mystery Continues Chanda Khan – A Salman Khan Fan Was at Attari without Passport

The shocking incident and of course a stunning cum magnifying mystery still continues to roll out day by day. A women who’s now been rolling around the globe as a perfect example for a crazy fan with her name Chanda Khan native next to border i.e. Pakistan, traveling along the way from Karachi Pakistan and suddenly caught by the police cops without documents i.e. without ID proof, passport, visa n all on Thursday, in the surveillance-camera footage of the arriving Samjhauta Express. However, if we move along with the sources then it is said that – “Around 11am on Saturday, the woman (27) was brought from Amritsar to the Attari railway station and shown the footage, in which she failed to identify her uncle with whom she had claimed to have left her passport, ticket and visa.” – As per the sources. In addition to this it is also said that police cops themselves took her to different points at the station around a small town Wagah in Pakistan, but still no such clues where found in order to identify her identify.

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Moving on to the motto of that lady when she was caught by the cops at Jalandhar a small town in Punjab on Thursday, she confessed that indeed she was came just to meet her loving star and the dashing Bollywood personality none other than Salman Khan. Later after few hours she also added that her uncle’s had worked with the Hindi film star on the sets of television reality show Big Boss. – As per the sources. Adding some more light on the sources then she also said that she was her on India to pray at the Ajmer Sharif shrine to seek a child. Don’t you fell after reading the statements committed by Chanda sounds something really annoying? Of course they’re and seem to be contradicting as well. Well the point is, cops are still investigating to grab any clue on the same, till then stay tuned with CineTalkers.in will update you soon on the same.

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